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Helpless Tears

Sequel to "Throne Of Sinners"

Features: Jim Iyke, Chika Ike, Ken Erics, Emma Ejiofor Ebo, Jim Lawson Maduike

John, as the first born son, is the rightful heir to the throne. He abuses his status as a prince to satisfy his demanding and careless lifestyle and doesn’t bother about his father’s feeling. His brother , Emeka, on the other hand appears to have the right characteristics to be the next king. He seems respectful, educated, wise and cares about his father and the kingdom but unfortunately he is not the right heir to the throne. As time goes on things get out of hand.

Emeka is not who he appeared to be. The elders keep pressuring the king because he has to present his successor to the people of the land. Will the king apply the "lesser of two evils principle" to chose his successor? Watch and judge the choice he makes!


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Helpless Tears
Veronica Pania

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